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Back On The Big Match Trail

Couple of big matches this week. First was the Golden Reel at Decoy. Drew on Oak and never won a ‘bean’ with 143lb! Fish were really moody. I lost two carp first two drops...

The Match: Match This Qualifier, Woodland View

Another rough n ready production, this time from last Saturday’s Match This qualifier held at Woodland View. Hope you enjoy it for what it is and please like and share if you want more!

The Art Of Dobbing

If you want to learn a bit more about dobbing bread then I hope you like this instructional video. Matt Godfrey and I filmed it quite a few years ago, but for one reason...

Welcome Surprise On The Canal

Another lure-caught species ticked off the checklist. Fought like a demon. Turned out to be a chunky 2lb hybrid. Last cast. Hooked (cough) in the (cough, cough) tail! What? They all count! 😉

Windy Tips

Here is a very timely helper video that I shot for Drennan: Beat The Wind: 10 Top Tips Hope you like it!