Plenty Of Bites On The Thames

Steve and I had a great bite-filled session on the banks of the River Thames. Mostly roach, quite a lot of dace, plus bottletop skimmers, perch, bleak and, inevitably, a few hungry jackpike muscled in too. After getting a couple of Sutton Courtenay AC day tickets from Ace Tackle in Kidlington we headed for Culham, which is one of my favourite stretches. With so much rain over the past few days there was a good colour and plenty of flow, so we opted for heavy pole rigs and a groundbait attack around 10 metres out. There were clearly loads of hungry mouths down there, so we fed plenty of Sonubaits Deep Water, Roach and River, bulked out with soil for extra weight, laced with casters and hemp. Really lovely sport on a great river.

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