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Channel Member films include:

  • White Acres Guru Festival Rundown
  • White Acres Winter Festival Rundown
  • Feeder Masters Qualifier – Decoy Lakes
  • Decoy Lakes Winter League, Round 1 – Beastie Lake
  • Decoy Lakes Winter League, Round 2 – Horseshoe Lake
  • Decoy Lakes Winter League, Round 3 – Six Islands
  • F1s & Ice Fun – Winter win at Tunnel Barn Farm
  • AT Silverfish Qualifier – Monk Lakes
  • Bolingey Bagging!
  • Tunnel Barn Winter League
  • River Thames Festival 2023 – all three days!
  • RiverFest Practice Open – River Trent
  • Matrix Champs – Moorlands Farm
  • Qualifying for Fish’O’Mania with 331lb – Lindholme Lakes
  • A successful first open match at Marston Fields
  • David Hall Memorial – The Glebe
  • Rocketship Flyer! – Tunnel Barn Farm
  • The Glebe – Match This Qualifier
  • AT Silverfish Final – Bradshaw Hall
  • Feeder, Pole & Paste at Packington Fishery
  • FishOMania Qualifier at Moorlands Farm
  • RiverFest Qualifier on the Upper Thames
  • RiverFest Qualifier on the Thames at Reading
  • Feeder Masters Two-Day Final 2022 at Upper Tamar Lake
  • Silverfish Scratcher (and winner!)
  • Thames Festival 2022, Day Two
  • Thames Festival 2022, Day Three
  • Ivy House Winter League, Round 1 (Old Match Lake)
  • Ivy House Winter League, Round 2 (Heron)
  • Ivy House Winter League, Round 3 (Willow)
  • Ivy House Winter League, Round 4 (Heron)
  • Meadowlands Winter Winner
  • And lots more to come!
  • Two Hours On Trelawney – White Acres (Coming soon!)
  • Feeder Fishing For Bream On A Rising River Thames
  • Advanced Pellet Tips For Coldwater F1s
  • FishOMania Final Practice Session – Westwood Lakes
  • A Quick Silverfish Workout
  • Pellets Shallow For Carp
  • The Pellet Feeder
  • Tunnel Barn Tactics – Part One
  • Tunnel Barn Tactics – Part Two
  • Silverfish Sport On The Waggler – Rod-and-line tactics
  • Catch More Skimmers – Silverfish secrets at Barston Lake
  • Red Letter Day! – An unexpected net of canal fish!
  • Hemp & Berries – In session on the River Avon
  • Big Fish On The Canal – Chub and perch tactics
  • Shallow Stream Stick Float Session
  • Winning Link – Link leger tactics on the river
  • Commando Mission Gear! – Roving tackle closeup
  • Chub – Unfinished Business!
  • Pellets, Meat & Corn – In session at Hallcroft Fishery
  • Thumbs Up For Fishing! – Family fishing session
  • Fishing & Freddos! – Another fun family session
  • Casters & Worms – In session at Packington Fishery
  • And lots more to come!
  • Rigoholic! – In-depth look at all my rigs for commercial fisheries
  • Prep For The White Acres Winter Festival
  • Prep for the Match This Final
  • Prep for the RiverFest Final
  • F1 & Silverfish Rigs Explained
  • Q&As – Your questions answered!
  • Bait Shed Shorts – Lots of useful tips in bitesize chunks!
  • Tackle Room Tips – nifty tackle-based insights!
  • And lots lots more to come!

More films uploaded every single month!

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