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New Video: Catching Big Roach!

Hope you enjoy my latest YouTube video! A brilliant day’s fishing on the canal, using one of my all-time favourite baits. I’m also proud and flattered that a company as big as Readly chose...


Go Go Gadgets!

Did somebody say new film? Here’s my latest effort, which I hope you all enjoy! Also, check out my new Amazon Shop Store Front with all these useful gadgets included… and more!


We Are Back!

Today was my first match after lockdown! Tunnel Barn was the destination and I was handed Peg 22 on Top Pool. Really sunny day and it’s fished very iffy with the F1s hardly feeding...

Roach On A Rising River!

Conditions were terrible, but I still headed for the local river on the last weekend of the season! Find out how I targeted roach and dace on the Cherwell using groundbait, maggots, pinkies and...

The Cray Triplets!

Argh! It wasn’t just Reggie and Ronnie the crayfish twins who gatecrashed my party; I caught THREE of the pesky bait-thieving menaces last weekend! It was during my very last river session of the...

Last Redfin Of The Season?

This is possibly my last river roach of the season, so a very nice chunky one to end on!  My local River Cherwell’s a really tough nut to crack. It’s narrow, winding and sparsely...

Turn Your Own Casters

I regularly get asked about turning casters, so here’s my how-to guide and all the info you’ll hopefully need… plus a teaser of the next video to come!