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Team Winners At Evesham

Two days on the river at Evesham this weekend and, as expected, it’s been two proper scratching matches! I’ve been following the venue results since the river reopened and you’ve definitely needed to draw...


PB Scale!

This has to be my all-time personal best scale. Gawd knows how big the fish that got away was, but it was certainly no minnow!


363lb Win At Meadowlands!

I was starting to feel I’d lost my touch in the draw bag… but then I finally drew end peg 1 on Lambsdown at Meadowlands! I’d never got within 15 pegs of it until...

Back Behind The Cameras

Another day at the office, stood in a lake filming someone catching some truly fabulous looking bream! Today I’ve been stuck indoors editing non stop and wishing I was back there! The film’s already signed...