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Team Winners At Evesham

Two days on the river at Evesham this weekend and, as expected, it’s been two proper scratching matches! I’ve been following the venue results since the river reopened and you’ve definitely needed to draw...

New Video: Catching Big Roach!

Hope you enjoy my latest YouTube video! A brilliant day’s fishing on the canal, using one of my all-time favourite baits. I’m also proud and flattered that a company as big as Readly chose...

Roach On A Rising River!

Conditions were terrible, but I still headed for the local river on the last weekend of the season! Find out how I targeted roach and dace on the Cherwell using groundbait, maggots, pinkies and...

Last Redfin Of The Season?

This is possibly my last river roach of the season, so a very nice chunky one to end on!  My local River Cherwell’s a really tough nut to crack. It’s narrow, winding and sparsely...

Pinkie Power!

On a sunny, almost spring-like day I had a nice and busy session on my local canal, targeting everything that swims with pinkies, casters and groundbait! Really hope you enjoy the video:

New Video: Bake It And Catch!

My all-new video has just been uploaded. It’s a bit different, some great fish caught in the second half AND there might be a very special TV star making a cameo appearance. Enjoy!