Category: Tips

Shotting Patterns Explained

Confused about shotting patterns for pole fishing? Well please go and check out my latest article on the Club Matrix website to learn all about it!

Tench On The Wag

I decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of match fishing to grab a fantastic evening’s tench sport on the waggler! Read all about it in my latest article for the Club...

New Tips Video: Cutters & Choppers

My latest Top Tips video is all about some of the weird and wonderful tools, gadgets and gizmos I often bring to the banked with me. Enjoy!

Top Tips Playlist

I have now added a new Playlist to my YouTube Channel, where I plan to upload all of my Top Tips. Hope you find them useful and please don’t forget to Like and Share...

Rigging Up With Malman Floats

White Acres is fast approaching, so time for the obligatory ‘look at my lovingly tied pole rigs’ album! Other than a few shallow specials, 90% of my rigs now sport handmade Malman Floats designs....