Category: Rig Room

I’m A Rigoholic!

OCD Alert! For my latest Channel Members film I take an in-depth look at all my pole rigs for commercial fisheries. There’s rather a few!

Hook Tying, My Way!

In my latest film I pass on some essential tips and tricks for tying spade end hooks! Whether you are a match, specimen or pleasure angler, being able to tie a spade end hook...

New Floats!

Did somebody say NEW FLOATS? I’m like a kid in a sweetshop when that happens! With all the other Matrix consultants I’ve been helping to field test and perfect the new Matrix pole floats...

Pole Rigs For Carp & Commercials

My latest video takes a look inside my pole winder trays, highlighting key pole floats and rigs for various fishing situations. Rig choices for full-depth, margins, shallow, snags, F1s, big carp, poor conditions, swinging,...

Go Go Gadgets!

Did somebody say new film? Here’s my latest effort, which I hope you all enjoy! Also, check out my new Amazon Shop Store Front with all these useful gadgets included… and more!