New Floats!

Did somebody say NEW FLOATS? I’m like a kid in a sweetshop when that happens! With all the other Matrix consultants I’ve been helping to field test and perfect the new Matrix pole floats for what seems like forever – and now they’ve finally been launched!

It’s a really comprehensive family with wire, carbon and glass stem models with just the right tip diameters. I used carbon-stemmed F1 SLIMS all winter at Tunnel Barn Farm and also on a lot of commercial silverfish waters as the 1.5mm tip is spot on. The 0.2g size was ideal for that golden 3ft to 4ft catching depth.

My DIBBER SHALLOWS are tied up ready for some shallow bagging. The 0.1g is a lovely dinky little pattern when they’re swirling for the bait, the 0.2g is my general ‘carp plopper’ and the 0.3g size is perfect for big pellets, slapping and mugging.

For general carping I’ve used the SLIM CARBON no end already and have a full tray tied up. On my last few outings the SLIM WIRE has been vital for extra stability. You’ll hopefully see them working their magic on a recent film I shot with Matrix, as it was rather windy that day!

The final pattern I must mention is the MUD LINE. Now that Spring has finally arrived the 0.4g and 0.5g are designed for island and margin work when a heavy bulked-down float is ideal. However, I’ve also been using the 0.2g all winter for dobbing bread. This float has also been great for shallow carping when I’ve needed a bit of stealth and finesse.

So there’s just a few of the new patterns to whet your appetites! It’s not just new floats that Matrix has launched; Pole Float Silicone, Soft Shot, Cube Shot, Super Short Dacrons and Super Soft Bait Bands are all hitting the tackle shop shelves very very soon, too!

Check out the Fish Matrix website to see all the new goodies! A new film covering all the latest gear is also on the Matrix YouTube Channel!

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