Author: Jon


Weston Pools Live Match

Live match fishing on the Stretton Pool at Weston Pools Fishery, Oswestry, Shropshire. It’s October, the lakes have gone clear and the fishing is getting a lot more difficult, so I go for a...


Nice Time At Weston Pools

No fishing this weekend as I’ve spent the last three days at the fabulous Weston Pools. When White Acres cancelled their Spring festivals I searched for other places to fish and the two-day Autumn...


River Bream!

Join me on the banks of the River Avon as I tackle a snaggy weir pool in search of bream! This session test my skills and tackle to the limit as I puts together...


Making The Parkdean Masters

Here’s my epic account from a cracking week down in Cornwall. We all went from complaining about the wind and rain to moaning about the sun in our eyes by the end of the...


Feeder Fishing Session

My latest little vid sees me tackle a stillwater with feeder tackle, fishing two swims and using a mixture of cage feeders, open end feeders and window feeders for perch and skimmers. Enjoy!

Paste Fishing!

Check out my latest video on the Fish Matrix YouTube Channel. It’s all about paste fishing!