Category: Carp


Paste Fishing!

Check out my latest video on the Fish Matrix YouTube Channel. It’s all about paste fishing!

PB Scale!

This has to be my all-time personal best scale. Gawd knows how big the fish that got away was, but it was certainly no minnow!

363lb Win At Meadowlands!

I was starting to feel I’d lost my touch in the draw bag… but then I finally drew end peg 1 on Lambsdown at Meadowlands! I’d never got within 15 pegs of it until...

Live Match: Snag Pit Heaven Or Hell?

Live match fishing action following me through a five-hour competition on an extremely snaggy swim on the famous Match Lake at Larford. Mugging, shallow, slapping, short pole, method feeder and margin tactics are all...

Margin Paste Fishing!

Here’s how to bag up with carp on paste down the edge! I pay my first visit to Lodge Farm Fisheries in Fritwell, Oxfordshire, to show how simple and effective this brilliant pole fishing...

My Live Matches Are Back!

Seems like forever since I was able to film a match, but here’s my first effort post-lockdown. Filmed at Tunnel Barn Farm during a 36-peg open held across Jennys, Canal and Club pools. I’d...