Category: Carp


Live Match On The Feeder

My latest live match is from a Golden Rod qualifier at Larford Lakes. This feeder-only event is split into three 20-angler zones with one qualifier from each going through to a prestigious two-day Final....

Fishing In The Snow

Here’s a film from an extremely tough match I fished, targeting carp on a winter snake lake on Phase 3 at Makins Fishery. The weather forecasters never mentioned any snow!

Carping In A Blizzard

The weather forecast looked ok(!) so I booked on to the Makins open on Phase 3 yesterday. Pulled out end peg 1 on Derwent, right by the car park. Hoped I’d catch one or...

Weston Pools Live Match

Live match fishing on the Stretton Pool at Weston Pools Fishery, Oswestry, Shropshire. It’s October, the lakes have gone clear and the fishing is getting a lot more difficult, so I go for a...

Paste Fishing!

Check out my latest video on the Fish Matrix YouTube Channel. It’s all about paste fishing!

PB Scale!

This has to be my all-time personal best scale. Gawd knows how big the fish that got away was, but it was certainly no minnow!

363lb Win At Meadowlands!

I was starting to feel I’d lost my touch in the draw bag… but then I finally drew end peg 1 on Lambsdown at Meadowlands! I’d never got within 15 pegs of it until...