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Fun Before The Lockdown!

Hope you like these photos from my very last coaching session for the foreseeable time. A week before the country was put on lockdown I met up with Stu and Chris at Decoy Lakes. A...


A Coaching Day To Remember

My coaching has understandably been put on hold for the foreseeable future, but I’ve still got a couple of past sessions I haven’t posted about yet. First up was a great day spent on...


Sun’s Out And The Fish Are Up!

Can you believe that Steve and I were actually complaining how bright and sunny it was yesterday? Clear blue skies and bright sunshine greeted us at Bishops Bowl. While we tackled up on one of...

A Live Match Video From Makins

I’ve just added another live match fishing video on my YouTube channel. A cracking day’s winter carp fishing at Makins Fishery. Enjoy! 

2nd Prize At Makins

With our electric off all day I decided to get out the house and fish the midweek open at Makins. Even though it’s over an hour away I didn’t need much persuading! The match...

Ice Doodling

You know it’s frosty outside when I’m ice doodling on the van in the morning. Brrrr!