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Pinkie Power!

On a sunny, almost spring-like day I had a nice and busy session on my local canal, targeting everything that swims with pinkies, casters and groundbait! Really hope you enjoy the video:


All You Need Is Chub

I decided to tackle my local river after a month of floods and sub-zero temperatures! Carrying minimal tackle and targeting several swims with float tackle with bread. It was hard, as expected, but I...


Getting Hair Riggy!

I have a nice new in-depth vid for you all on my YouTube Channel on hair rigging. Hopefully some things you haven’t seen or tried before, too. It took forever to put this together,...

New Video: Bake It And Catch!

My all-new video has just been uploaded. It’s a bit different, some great fish caught in the second half AND there might be a very special TV star making a cameo appearance. Enjoy!

Canal Chub On A Spikey Shad

Check out the quality chub I caught on lure tackle in my latest little video. It made the long cycle ride along a very muddy towpath worthwhile! Oh, and please don’t forget to Like,...

First Vid Of 2021!

Hope you enjoy my first fishing film of the year! Over Christmas I started to scope a few new venues with the help of my van, my bike and my hiking boots. This was...

Perfect Chrimbo Stocking Fillers

Check out my short little film on the Fish Matrix YouTube Channel for FIVE great items under a tenner. The perfect stocking filler, Secret Santa present or gift for any angler, fisherman or fisherwoman...

A New YouTube Series!

I must get a gazillion questions a week from all directions, so I’ve decided to do a Q&A series on my YouTube Channel. I’ve already realised that it’ll lead to even more questions, rather...