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15,000 Subscribers!

Thanks every single one of you who have kindly subscribed to my YouTube Channel! I have now just passed the 15,000 subscribers benchmark and it’s a great feeling! All of your support is very...


My Live Matches Are Back!

Seems like forever since I was able to film a match, but here’s my first effort post-lockdown. Filmed at Tunnel Barn Farm during a 36-peg open held across Jennys, Canal and Club pools. I’d...

New Video: Catching Big Roach!

Hope you enjoy my latest YouTube video! A brilliant day’s fishing on the canal, using one of my all-time favourite baits. I’m also proud and flattered that a company as big as Readly chose...

Go Go Gadgets!

Did somebody say new film? Here’s my latest effort, which I hope you all enjoy! Also, check out my new Amazon Shop Store Front with all these useful gadgets included… and more!

Roach On A Rising River!

Conditions were terrible, but I still headed for the local river on the last weekend of the season! Find out how I targeted roach and dace on the Cherwell using groundbait, maggots, pinkies and...

Turn Your Own Casters

I regularly get asked about turning casters, so here’s my how-to guide and all the info you’ll hopefully need… plus a teaser of the next video to come!