Category: Perch

PB Perch!

Smashed my PB perch out of sight with this mahoosive specimen!

Last Day On The River

Last day of the river season! A last-minute cancellation saw me scramble some gear together and get on the river for a few hours. I was hoping for a nice and simple rod-and-line session,...

Feeder Fishing Session

My latest little vid sees me tackle a stillwater with feeder tackle, fishing two swims and using a mixture of cage feeders, open end feeders and window feeders for perch and skimmers. Enjoy!

Whip Fishing On The River

An evening session on the River Thames with a couple of 5m whips and some groundbait to demonstrate how to put a quality net of roach, perch, bleak, dace and hybrids together in double-quick...

Evesham Winner!

Struggled on the midweeker at Evesham as my peg 17 was full of cabbages, but tried and learnt a few things for the following visit. Saturday I was back on the river for the...

Live Match: Evesham Midweeker

I’ve returned to the tricky River Avon at Evesham to film myself in action during a 55-peg midweek open. On another tough day, I decide to target the river’s roach and perch with hemp,...

Team Winners At Evesham

Two days on the river at Evesham this weekend and, as expected, it’s been two proper scratching matches! I’ve been following the venue results since the river reopened and you’ve definitely needed to draw...

Pinkie Power!

On a sunny, almost spring-like day I had a nice and busy session on my local canal, targeting everything that swims with pinkies, casters and groundbait! Really hope you enjoy the video: