A Tale Of Two Pegs

Two very contrasting pegs at the weekend; one I don’t want to see again and one I definitely would like to draw many times!

Saturday I was on a very full and coloured Top Pool peg 26 for the teams of four. I really don’t like this peg as there’s no shallow water anywhere and no end of crap on the bottom making it hard to hit bites. The flooding meant you couldn’t see half the reeds down the edges and being 4ft it’s just too deep. Presentation was a nightmare and twig tourettes was in full force, but I’ve still had loads of bites from mostly very small F1s to end up with 60lb and a respectable 6th out of 15 on the lake. Well done Steve Bellion winning our lake with 82lb.

Teamwise we’d done ok to come 4th on the day but got leapfrogged into 3rd in the league by the Elite guys who won the round, so all to play for on the final match next week. The extra colour clearly lead to bigger weights throughout and our ever trusty captain Jack Danby won the match with a whopping 135lb off Extension 36.

Yesterday I was back to Decoy Lakes for Round 3 of the individual winter league and I’ve finally managed to draw the red-hot area on Six Islands. Once I realised where peg 11 was I was very happy and hoped to do the peg justice. Tom Edwards to my left and Jack Damant opposite him have gone off like trains while Mick Denton and I have sat there biteless. Finally I’ve caught two nice carp long, then a 3lb barbel and then a 2lb 8oz perch! From this point I’ve ticked over nicely with carp but, as always for the Fens, the wind has got up and forced me to fish elsewhere. I’ve ended up catching really well down the edge with some right kippers and despite the cold wind it felt like summer fishing!

I’ve had a truly great day to total 193lb for the match win! Tom was second with 145lb and Josh Pace won Horseshoe with 135lb with lots of good weights throughout. Not bad for February!

One more round to go and I think I’m now tying with Andy Leathers at the top of the table. Another flyer would be very much appreciated please!

I’ve filmed all three rounds of the Decoy Winter League so far (yesterday’s round is still to be edited) so check out my Channel Members area if you want to follow my progress.

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!

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