The Winter Classic Final

I was on the excellently run On The Flyer TV Winter Classic Final at Meadowlands Fishery on Sunday in association with Halkon Hunt and Bresbet. A frightening list of star anglers involved and a cool £10,000 to the winner, plus loads of coverage online.

The weather forecasters had got it all wrong again as after a hard frost this morning it’s been chuffin’ windy yet again. Too windy for pellet fishing on our shallow far side of Lambsdown, with an Easterly blowing really hard over the pump bank, so I’ve caught all my fish on maggots and casters other than a few early fish on the feeder.

I’ve had a lovely day’s sport on peg 52 catching loads of quality roach, one of them nudging 1lb, and then a late run of skimmers and a big old hybrid. All over Sonubaits F1 Green, F1 Original and Thatchers Dark. I’ve managed a very satisfying 32lb which was enough to win my bank and the £285 section prize, and was 8th overall picking up a lovely trophy and a bespoke top from Halkon Hunt. Just needed another 3.5lb to get into the really big money prizes!

Massive well done to Andy May winning with 45lb from the middle of the pump bank, Adam Wakelin 2nd from the deeps and Steve Forster 3rd off Warren. Meadowlands has been a great venue as despite so much pressure leading up to the event there’s still been loads of fish caught throughout.

A huge well done to Gary Rodgers and On The Flyer TV for an excellently organised event and Halkon Hunt for sponsoring it with some great prizes. I’ll certainly be trying my best to get back in the Final next year.

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