Can’t Win Them All

After such a great run I was overdue a duffer, and when I looked at Oak 17 at Decoy Lakes on the UK Champs I feared the worst! One out the corner and flat calm with no fish moving at all. 20 of us were on this lake (yet only 10 on Yew behind us) and with strong winds hacking up the other end and my hero Nick Speed on end peg 30 that’s where it was always going to be won.

I ended up 6th in my 10 pegs with 87lb. End peg 16 to my right had less than 50lb which tells me there was very little down our end on the day. Went fish for fish with Cookie on 19 but his weighed 98lb. Thankfully the 3lb F1 I threw back never cost me a point!

The only place I caught was 4m down the edge, early on corn and then on maggots. If I fed any volume of bait it just killed the peg. Nothing came swirling tight in, so I had everything down the slope in 2.5ft of water. Fish were just coming in ones and twos. Frustrating as I couldn’t get a bite anywhere else.

Never mind, it’s only fishing. My wife and I have much more important priorities this week. Exciting times!

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