A Mega Blowout

Packington Winter League – Round 2

This was a day I’d rather forget. In fact it’d been a few days I’d rather forget with quite a few setbacks but, hey ho. It was Rd2 of the Packington Winter League and the result was a near-last in section (I think there was a DNW I beat). When your luck’s down it’s down and after joking all week I’d draw dreaded peg 41 that’s precisely what I did!

Boy it was cold and wet and after five forgettable hours I’d managed just five little skimmers for a massive 1lb 7oz. I was even ounced by someone! To rub salt into the wounds Phil Canning won the match next door on 42! All day I could see carp rolling between him and 43 and it was like someone had put up a brick wall. Nothing on waggled bread, bomb and bread and one skimmer on a maggot feeder. Dripping maggots 16m towards those pegs couldn’t yield a fish of any kind, even in those last 10 minutes when I’d normally expect an F1 to give itself up.

Never mind. A week to try to move on from positively. Onwards and upwards!

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