Looking Back – Fisho 2006

I know I’m biased but I still rate the 2006 Fishomania Final at Hayfield Lakes as the best to date. It was my first final, red hot and with a huge thunderstorm five minutes from the end. I’ve never seen TV cranes come down so fast!

The fish fed like mad down the edges and it was neck and neck between Neil Machin and Nathan Watson on end pegs 1 and 16.

Once I politely shoved the cameraman and weighers in off my next palette I could finally catch down my edge as well. There was a lot of catching up to do but I ended up 3rd with 73.88kg (163lb) and the biggest fish prize worth £2,500 with a 12lb 8oz carp. The last hour I was absolutely bagging but pulling too hard to try and catch up, which cost me a lot of fish.

The crowds were also amazing, each side of the lake trying to outdo the other as if it was a football match. Then, immediately after the match all the Yorkshire loonies stripped off and jumped in the lake! Once packed up in the tropical monsoon we then had fun watching half the car park having to be towed or pushed out of the fields.

Great fun and a day I’ll never forget!

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