A Tough Silverfish Section Win

Packington Silverfish League (Guesting)

Autumn is well and truly here and this was an interesting, albeit very tough, silverfish-only match on Molands Lake at Packington. I had agreed to guest for Simon Farmer and was quite looking forward to it.

I knew the lake was fishing very difficult and was interested to see what I could catch with a 100% silverfish attack. That was until I arrived and discovered there was an additional F1/carp prize! That left me begging for a second keepnet as I’d only brought the one!

I still concentrated on the silvers, as that was the main prize, plus I couldn’t let Simon down by selfishly just going for F1s and knackering his place in the league.

Peg 13 was my draw and there were F1s rolling all over the place. It turned out to be a very tough day. I had a tench, a 1lb skimmer, a 2lb bream and some very small roach for 6lb 7oz and a section win. Just 10lb won the entire lake.

I did have 20lb of F1s as well. They seemed to love everything I tried to avoid them! I also fished much finer silverfish gear than I would if I was solely targeting F1s. Using a solid No5 through a full top two with a 0.08mm bottom and a fine 20 or 18 Silverfish Match hook, I never felt like I would get broken, even on big F1s to 3lb.

What also surprised me was just how receptive these f1s were to chopped worm in groundbait. Wherever I fed it, they lapped it up! Food for thought?

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