Another Envelope On A Grueller!

Yet another rock-hard match yesterday where I still came away with a £50 section prize!

There were 73 of us hardy souls at Packington for the Solihull Angling Centre Xmas Match (yes, a Christmas match in January). I’ve ended up with a double default section win and 7th overall from Crescent 1 with just 15lb 12oz!

That was one 2lb carp on pellet and the rest roach and skimmers on maggots. I wasted half the match trying to find a carp (fishing up to 20 metres of pole al over the peg) when I maybe should have just got my head down on the silvers, but could only catch a couple of them before they spooked each time.

Very well done Pete Murray winning the match with five nice carp for 38lb from peg 4, which is the left-hand corner. Also on our lake, Lee Cosgrove was 4th overall with two fish for 24lb from peg 7 up the narrow channel!

I definitely don’t think anyone expected it to fish so hard, but ice was still on some of the lakes when I drove off. Please please please let’s have some warmer weather!

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