Where Have All The Carp Gone?

Wow, what a tough Golden Rod qualifier at Boddington Resy on Saturday! Just two carp for 24lb won the entire 60-peg match! I won my 10-peg section from peg 53 with just 1lb 12oz of roach! Nick Speed won our 20-man qualifying zone from the dam wall with just 3lb!

I’m kicking myself as I only fished for roach for about 45 minutes as we were told someone on the dam wall had caught a carp. That’s cost me mega. But I’m sure we all would have bet that someone would hook at least one carp in the last hour to qualify. Definitely a missed chance there, but at least I got a section envelope for my efforts.

Caught the roach at 20m on pinkies over Sonubaits F1 Dark and Black Roach. Also had one roach at long range on the carp gear. Awesome dropback bite too!

Two flasks, one with tomato soup, loads of snacks and my Fox Warrior chair were all essential items today. Never seen Boddington fish that hard across the entire lake before!

Just as an after thought, I’d love to see a winter event at a venue like this allowing two feeder rods. With 20-45 minute casts the norm it’s so difficult to experiment or try anything different. It’d certainly add an extra dimension to a tough winter feeder match.

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