Top 5 At Decoy

Match This qualifier at Decoy Lakes today. I think there were 85 anglers on it. Nearly didn’t make it as my garage let me down very late, but I somehow managed to squeeze all my kit in a Vauxhall Corsa courtesy car!

Anyways, I’m glad I got there as I managed 194lb 12oz for 5th overall from peg 20 on Cedar. That wasn’t too far behind Wayne Shepherd’s match-winning 229lb off the same lake. Typically, they only paid top four, but I still picked up a nice section envelope.

Caught pretty much everything on corn down the margins in 2.5ft and 3.5ft (the shallowest water I had). It was too windy to do much else! A poor second hour possibly cost me, but I can’t really complain after catching almost 200lb. Wish Decoy was a bit nearer!

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