Coaching With Aaron At Bonehill Mill

I was really happy to get a repeat booking from Aaron so soon into my coaching career. Last time we caught a load of F1s at Tunnel Barn Farm on banded caster and hard pellets. This time we tackled the open water of Dales Pool at Bonehill Mill for proper carp!

We kicked off on the Method Feeder and I was as surprised as Aaron to see a stunning golden ghostie in his net within minutes of starting! That was quickly followed by a nice tench, which set the pace for the rest of the day. We simply didn’t know what shape or colour the next fish would be!

With the Method Feeder nicely covered we swapped to a bomb setup to see how that compared and after several more hard-fighting fish it was time for the pellet waggler. It was one of those cracking days where everything we did seemed to work. I’d also forgotten just how good Bonehill Mill was!

By now lots of fish were beginning to show down the margins, so a pole was hastily set up for the last hour. A beefy rig was needed as carp to 12lb began tailing up over the feed. Even when I jumped in the lake to take some photos, the fish kept on coming!

If you’ve never fished Bonehill Mill before I suggest you pay it a visit, as it’s an excellent venue and full of quality carp. I’ll definitely be back!

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