Coaching With Mark At Makins

Yesterday I was coaching with Mark Jones on Thames Pool at Makins Fishery. I warned him before we started that the fish in the snake lakes on Phase 3 can be very moody and cautious. Today was the perfect example of that!

Although the fish were not easy to catch early on, you tend to learn even more on challenging days like this. It gave us plenty of time to work on techniques and feeding theories. As we moved into the afternoon, the carp finally decided to get their heads down for a munch. Now was the time to plunder the margins.

We worked two swims with different bait options; one with pellets and corn and the other with groundbait and dead maggots. Even I was surprised at the size of some of the fish Mark managed to extract.

We spent the final part of the session looking at where exactly to feed and place the rig when you have a swim full of tails! I even managed to sneak on Mark’s seatbox and net a couple of hard-fighting commons myself!

Mark lifted out a pleasing net of quality carp for the cameras and hopefully picked up some useful tricks for his forthcoming matches.

Thanks once again to the excellent Makins Fishery for having us and also to Dynamite for the Green Swim Swim pellets and groundbait.

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