Top 4 At Meadowlands

The third round of the Matrix Commercial Champs was held at Meadowlands Fishery near Coventry. It’s a great venue, full of carp and skimmers and consists of two big open lakes. I pulled out peg 36 on Lambsdown, which is quite a shallow area on the biggest lake, with Ben Townsend and Dave Brown either side for company.

With the stormy wind hacking up our way it was an out-and-out tip job for me (where did that 30ºC heatwave go?). I did feed the short pole and margins, but the wind was churning it up far too much, so I wasn’t surprised when no one in my section caught any edge dwellers. In fact, my pole rigs only got wet when I pumbed up! It was an out-and-out rod day for me, with one 10fter doing the business all day.

My match could not have been simpler, chucking about 25m out all day and lashing in a couple of pints of 8mms over the top. Working out what to put on the hook seemed to be the key for me. When the skimmers were about they snaffled up an 8mm pellet or smaller wafter no bother, so I upped the hook bait size and that seemed to bring a lot more carp action.

I had four carp on the bomb and the rest on the method feeder to plonk a very satisfying 163lb on the scales. That was enough to win the section and come 4th overall. Two 170s just pipped me from the other end of the lake, plus Chris Cameron’s 200lb winning weight from end peg E (yes, E!).

So nice to winch a few fish in on the rods this weekend!

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