Coaching With Tony At Packington

Another scorching hot day on the bank! Tony and I chose to tackle Molands Lake at the fabulous Packington Fisheries. We managed a few fish short on hard pellets before progressing to 13 metres, both shallow and on the deck.

The fish were certainly not easy to tempt, but that really helped to keep us on our toes, experimenting with lots of ideas and theories to keep bites coming.

By far the best swim on the day was down the edge. Feeding corn and pellets brought F1s initially before the better carp moved in. We had more than a few ‘one last casts’ and after pushing Tony off his seatbox I managed a cracking double-figure common (pure skill… honest!).

More importantly, I hope Tony came away with plenty of useful ideas and the confidence to do really well with the club he has recently joined.

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