The Future Is Bright!

Wow what a day that was yesterday, helping the stars of the future in the first ever UK Junior Championship! The event was jointly sponsored by Matrix, Sonubaits and Preston Innovations and held at the amazing Alvechurch Fisheries, which fished brilliantly on the day! 

I was teamed up with Leo Verdi a 16-year-old from Derby. I can honestly say he was amazing to watch and fished an absolutely brilliant match, catching 96lb in just three hours. He was so unlucky to just miss out on the £1,500 tackle and bait top prize by just 3lb! He fished his socks off, was so calm and professional and a pleasure to watch. 

I honestly could not have caught any more than Leo did and it was actually a bit frightening to witness how good every single one of the young anglers were. Leo’s ability was quite simply astonishing and I can see him being a top name in the sport if he keeps it up. Pegged either side of Leo, I also witnessed Jack Crystal and Lauren Stevens put on great angling displays. 

I thought I’d won the swimming prize after rescuing young Jack’s phone just before the start of the match… but then Andy May went one better by rescuing someone’s pole! But we definitely had the best snacks, courtesy of Leo’s mum!

A very well done to Josh Duffy the top Matrix angler and Harry Michael the top Preston Innovations angler, plus James Geddes who was runner-up on the day. All 18 boys and girls were a credit to the sport and the entire event was simply brilliant. 

I cannot wait for next year’s event. The future is definitely bright!

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