Matrix Feeder Champs 2019

Fished the Matrix British Feeder Champs at Barston today. Thought I’d drawn ok with peg 30 and empty pegs to my right, but like almost everyone else it was a bit of a struggle.

We fished 11am to 4pm; the rain started at 11am and stopped at 4pm too! Fish all over the top before the start; fish gone as soon as the match started and the heavens opened!

I had 25lb something for nowhere and Lee Edwards won the section with 52lb off peg 25. On the plus side I still did enough to qualify for next year’s Final. Well done Pete Eastwood winning the match with 79lb from peg 84.

Think we were a day too late weatherwise, but still nice to be on the bank feeder flinging. Passed the time counting all the pesky grebes. They give you some lovely bites in that shallow water!

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