477lb UK Champs Record Breaker!

No fishing this weekend. Still recovering from a match of a lifetime on Wednesday at Decoy Lakes. I caught 62 carp to 17lb from Yew Lake for 477lb 14oz… yes 477lb 14oz!

I reclaimed my old UK Champs record, which I held for number of years with 255lb, and also set a new PB match weight, which I will most likely never ever top!

I caught everything fishing shallow between 14in to 2ft deep with 6mm Dynamite Carp Pellets and my favourite pink and yellow Washters with the new Matrix MXC-4 hooks, a prototype Pablo RWC float and 16-18 Slik elastic in my MTX2 pole. Truly epic fishing!

I caught anywhere between 4m and 13m out but mostly 6-9m. It was a ridiculously hot day and I fund myself wiping the sweat off my face numerous times with a mouldy towel just so I could see… but it was all worth it! A weight of 280lb was 2nd on the day and the whole venue fished really well.

A match of a lifetime! One I will never ever forget!

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