Personal Best 7lb 10oz F1!

I have just had an amazing two days fishing at Packington Fisheries, winning both days with some monstrous F1s on maggots. That included my new personal best F1, which weighed an amazing 7lb 10oz!

Yesterday I won the rover with 132lb of great big F1s from Molands 46. The best tactic was maggots close in and down the edges with a great arrival of specimen F1s in the last two hours.

The next day was Round 1 of the Packington Winter League and I won Molands and finished 2nd overall with 99lb from peg 43. 

I caught a lot more of the new stockies today before the big old warriors arrived. I kicked off to the island with a 20g Inter Open Alloy with Dynamite Black Milled Expander and dead maggot for four stockies, but the pegs to my left were already catching on the pole so I soon followed. It was strangely difficult on pellet so I swapped to maggot at 13m and 7m and had little runs of small F1s… and a big crayfish! 

With two hours to go they’ve finally arrived short and down the edge on maggots. It’s been tricky but the fish were 3lb+ so I didn’t need many of them. I fished a 16 MXC5 to 0.12 and 10-12 Slik, which seemed perfect. 

A very big well done to Steve Bellion winning the match with a massive 153lb from Big Gearys, including fish to 20lb! 

So that’s two 1sts and two 2nds in my last four outings. Happy with that!

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