20,000 Subscribers!

Thanks each and every one of you for helping me hit the 20,000 subscribers on my Jon Arthur Angling YouTube Channel!

As just a humble one-man-band who does all the filming, editing and designing all by myself it’s greatly appreciated and really keeps me motivated.

I’ve been asked lots and lots of times how people can help to support my efforts. Thumbs up and nice comments will always be a big motivator. Now there is also a new button on YouTube called ‘Super Thanks’. This allows you to ’tip’ film makers like me if you’ve watched something particularly helpful or enjoyable. It’s a nice little feature that could help my channel grow bigger and better.

I’m so happy that my latest films have all been really well received. Even the more personal ones that I don’t expect to get as many views. I’ve popped up three very different sessions from White Acres (one more coming soon), plus a nice evening session on paste fishing and my successful Feeder Masters qualifier live match. I’ve also got some exciting news for my most loyal fans, which is a little project I’m ‘hopefully’ working on. More on that soon…

Anyways, these pole rigs and hooklengths are not going to tie themselves, so bye bye for now and, once again, thanks for all the support!

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