Nice Ice Baby!

Third round of the Ivy House Winter League and my turn to be on a very frozen Willow. It was an inch thick so took a bit of clearing. Oh, and it snowed most of the day too!

I drew peg 20 and was told it wasn’t the best but with it being frozen I felt there was a good chance that the carp wouldn’t feed. I only set up a medium catch-all rig and a light silverfish rig and kicked off with double maggot.

First drop a 1oz roach came flying out of the water, much to my relief and disbelief! Soon swapped to my light rig and stayed on that all day catching lots of roach, one little perch and a handful of very small skimmers.

After a busy five hours I’ve popped 14lb 12oz on the scales to win the lake. It turned out that I was the top weight on the entire match! Steve Waters was 2nd on my lake with 6lb 13oz, Heron was won with 7lb 15oz, Woodpecker was won with 4lb 14oz and Old Match Lake was won with just 1oz!

No more winter leagues til after Christmas now. Hopefully that gives everywhere time to thaw out and switch back on! As much as I enjoyed today I don’t want to fish in snow and ice again in a hurry.

The Live Match will be coming very soon in my Channel Members area!

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