Last Match Of The Year

I didn’t think I’d be able to get out again before the New Year, but was allowed to fish a match today for good behaviour.

I booked on the silverfish-only event at Barston Lakes late last night and fancied catching a few skimmers to hopefully end the year on a high. Well it’s fished rock hard and the skimmers have really backed off, but I’ve still had a lovely day.

I drew my obligatory end peg (had nowhere near enough of those this year!) and was the best weight on my board and 3rd in the match with 17lb 2oz. A 17lb 12oz and a 22lb in the 20s were 1st and 2nd on a really close day.

It was a tad windy with very cold and coloured water to deal with. I fed Sonubaits F1 and Supercrush Expander and caught best on pinkies. I caught skimmers of all sizes at 22m and 40m and five really late ones ligging on with the pole at 10m, plus one 10oz perch.

Had to really chase around to keep bites coming and felt I fished a half decent match in the tough conditions. I don’t get to use my Ethos XR-S feeder rods half as much as I’d like, so it was nice to get them flexed and I never pulled out of a single fish.

A big thanks to Simon Farmer for running the match. A really nice one to end the year on. See you on the other side!

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