A Final That Wasn’t Meant To Be

Just got back from the AT Silverfish Final up t’North at Bradshaw Hall in Bolton. Never really went with any hopes or expectations other than to have a couple of nice days silvers sport.

On the official practice match I had a nice 20lb catch on Lake 4 but only needed another 8oz to win our 10-man section. I was definitely praying for a nice sheltered peg with some room on the Final!

On the big day I drew next peg along from where I was in the practice match, so the same rigs came out and hoped it would fish similar. Sadly it was much much tougher with even tighter pegging. With 10 of us in a row just eight paces apart there was very little chance of framing, but I still expected to get a few bites.

I targeted skimmers to begin with but they had totally backed off, so I ended up fishing up and down with casters for roach and occasional little ide. Very shy bites and you could tell they were a bit cagey today.

I ended up with just over 13lb. The section was won by Jamie Hughes on the end peg with 15lb, so definitely not where you wanted to be on the day.

Still nice to be getting a few bites. Must say it’s a fabulous venue, lovely looking fish and I stopped in a really nice pub just up the road with Darren Davies and Richie Reynolds with some great food.

Well done Bagger on yet another win and all the other framers. Think that’s the silverfish campaign over for another year. Made the two big finals but the drawing arm’s seriously let me down when it mattered. Silly season is just around the corner with all the big carp qualifiers looming. I’m definitely overdue some flyers!

(View image courtesy of Angling Trust)

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