Poor Saturday, Great Sunday

On Saturday was round nine of the Tunnel Barn Winter League. We had a nice looking draw and I was happy to be on Extension 25 as it’s normally a good area and I draw there a lot! Well I came away scratching my head as I struggled all day, only getting bites in the deep water.

This peg has a big long reedbed with a perfect depth against it yet I never had a bite over there. Weird old day with very few signs. I ended up with 29lb which was poor on the lake. Thankfully the rest of the team did ok with Jack Danby putting in a captain’s innings with a section win from Canal.

Surprisingly, Top Pool stole the show with most of the frame coming off that lake. Our Team Dynamite quartet’s still on top with one more round to go…

Sunday I journeyed east to Decoy Lakes with a great turnout with everyone practising for the Winter League Final. I wasn’t at all surprised to draw peg 5 on Willow as I draw that area at least once every year. Normally it’s just a day’s fishing peg, but I was told the area had been throwing up a few fish recently.

It was the clearest I’ve ever seen the lake. You could see the bottom a metre out. You could also see carp swimming around!

Well I’ve had a lovely day catching a dozen carp, eight F1s and six skimmers for 113lb for a section envelope and 2nd on the lake behind Kristian Jones’ 145lb.

As you’d expect in winter there’s been a few barren areas but overall the venue’s fished exceptional. Two anglers have had over 200lb from Six Islands!

Highlight today was seeing a deer foraging on the island opposite, then hearing it bolt over the bridge faster than you could shout venison burgers! Think it gave peg 1 and 35 a shock!

The other highlight was fishing in the Fens with no wind. Never ever thought that was possible!

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