Near Miss On The Feeder Masters!

I had a ticket for the Feeder Masters qualifier at Barston last Saturday. I knew I’d draw a very long wheelbarrow push, so a big thanks to Matty Pillay taking pity on me and helping me get there! Peg 40 is never one you’d run to (just as well) but I had a bit of luck with the peg either side not drawn.

After three hours I’ve got just one carp and a few skimmers in the net, but finally had an arrival with some big kippers to give me 118lb. Biggest fish was an 18lb 14oz common that came in like a puppy… injected with mutant steroids!

I ended up winning the 10-peg section, but was an agonising 2nd in the 20-peg qualifying zone behind Frankie Gianoncelli who had 131lb off point peg 52. I had some consolation in being 4th overall, but definitely felt a qualifying place slipped through my hands today…

I used my trusty Matrix Horizon 11ft Commercial and 12ft Distance rods with Sonubaits Fluoro Bandum Wafters and Fin Perfect micros doused in Power Scopex Bait Booster.

Also, a big thanks to Mr Bagup TV himself, David Wood, next door who very kindly gave me a (much needed) Boost choccy bar. I gave him a nice treat in return… a healthy satsuma! Keep on baggin’! 🙂

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