Three In A Row

Had another great day on the eighth round of the teams of four winter league at Tunnel Barn this weekend. Mild in the week but a frost in the morning so it was anyone’s guess how it’d fish.

I was back on Top Pool, this time in the bowl on peg 3, which I half fancied but it’s been hit and miss this winter as the water comes in on peg 1. Well I’ve had a surprisingly nice and busy day catching 65lb of F1s of all sizes on pellets then maggots to win the lake again. Made up with that. Always nice to have a good un when you’ve only got one match at the weekend.

Elsewhere it’s been a bit up and down but New pool has really dominated the frame with Aid Mansfield winning with a terrific 98lb from peg 1 and Ben Sharp 2nd with 94lb opposite him for my team. I think I was first out of the frame on the day, but no one really sits on Top Pool and expects to frame in this league!

My Team Dynamite quartet also managed to win the day again off a draw that I felt looked pretty average on paper. So, that’s nipped us back up to second spot with two rounds to go.

That’s also three lake wins on the bounce at Tunnel for me… but this is winter, so I could just as easily blank on my next outing. Let’s see what the weatherman has in store for us all in a fortnight…

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