Brilliant Books For Katie & Me

I feel extremely touched and moved to have been sent some books by the legendary river angler Brian Bennett! For those who don’t know, Brian was one of the very best river anglers in the country and really made a name for himself fishing the ‘big stick’ on places like the River Avon. Sadly ill health means he can no longer fish and he has been on dialysis for over 20 years. He has raised no end of money for charities and also famously did a comedy drag act that I’ve heard loads about but sadly never ever got to see.

Brian now spends his forced retirement writing books, such as the three I’ve now proudly got in my possession. One is for me and the other two are for Katie! I’ve already dipped into ‘A Badsey Boy’ and there are loads of nostalgic short stories I can relate to with names of now and yesteryear all mentioned.

Meanwhile, Katie has enjoyed sitting with me reading some of ‘The Naughty Gnome’, although we might have to do that in instalments as it’s sometimes a game of turning the pages as fast as she can at the moment! The other children’s book is ‘A Walk With Grandad Along The River Avon’ which I’m sure she’ll really grow into reading, too. I know Brian also has a book on Fairies which is coming out very soon.

Once again a huge thanks to Brian and if you’re after more details on his writings, visit his website:


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