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Earn Your Stripes!

Hope you like this new article I’ve penned especially for the Club Matrix website. It’s all about my top tips for targeting perch at this time of year: Check out the article: Earn Your...

F1 Worm Bombs!

Just received my latest of copy of Pole Fishing magazine, which has got a lovely article starring little old me inside! If you want to learn all about the power of chopped worm for...

Shotting Patterns Explained

Confused about shotting patterns for pole fishing? Well please go and check out my latest article on the Club Matrix website to learn all about it!

Tench On The Wag

I decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of match fishing to grab a fantastic evening’s tench sport on the waggler! Read all about it in my latest article for the Club...

Surprise Bream On The Canal

Caught this surprise bream on the canal during an article for the latest (January 2019) issue of Pole Fishing magazine – out this week!