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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s to all the ones who got away… Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tench, Bream & Big Roach

Hope you like my latest film, shot with the Matrix crew at the fabulous Jubilee Pools, which is controlled by Leamington AA. It’s all about catching tench, bream and big roach on casters. Hope...

Bob Taylor Memorial 2021

Paying huge respect to the one and only Bob ’The Maggot’ Taylor, this year’s event was held at Leamington AA’s Snitterfield Reservoir. Bright sunshine, clear water and a healthy attendance meant the reservoir fished...

Tench On The Wag

I decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of match fishing to grab a fantastic evening’s tench sport on the waggler! Read all about it in my latest article for the Club...