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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s to all the ones who got away… Happy Valentine’s Day!


Every single one of God’s creatures is beautiful and has a purpose. All except slugs!!!

Merry Xmas From Gary & Me!

Spreading some Christmas cheer with everyone’s favourite fish, Gary the Gudgeon! A big thanks from myself to each and every one of you for your continued support. Have a great Christmas and see you...


Watch out, the pesky ducks are about! Turned my back for just a few minutes and two opportunist thieves were tucking in to the contents of my sidetray! Duck a l’orange anyone?

Be A Match Blogger!

I’ve put this template together for any wannabe match bloggers out there. Simply fill in the gaps or edit to suit. #keeponblogging!   Match Template 2000 Well that was _______ (good/crap/surprising/indifferent/a day to forget)....

***This looks crap!***.

***Why do people keep putting three asterisks either side of stuff, just to try and make it stand out?*** It makes things look cheap and rubbish. You might as well slap a Happy Shopper sticker on...

A Top Night With Mr Lee

I don’t mind admitting I’m a self-confessed fan of the selfie, but it never felt right trying to get one with the comedy genius Stewart Lee tonight! Thoroughly enjoyed his amazing and cleverly crafted...

Fishemon GO!

I soon realised that Pokemon GO was far too addictive for someone like me to keep playing on my iPhone. Instead, I came up with my own ‘Fishemon GO’ alternative characters. Hope you like them....