Be A Match Blogger!

I’ve put this template together for any wannabe match bloggers out there. Simply fill in the gaps or edit to suit. #keeponblogging!


Match Template 2000

Well that was _______ (good/crap/surprising/indifferent/a day to forget).

Drew ____ (peg number) on ______ (venue).

A _______ (great/average/poor/shocking) peg.

I fished ________ (brilliantly/ok/like a complete tit).

Caught ______ (insert weight) for a _________ (nice/great/shocking/crap) day.

Ended up _______ (winning/framing/nowhere in/last in) the match.

I was ______ (great/average/rusty/battered both sides/completely shite).

Well done all the framers!

#_______ (your sponsor)

#_______ (something humorous)


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