363lb Win At Meadowlands!

I was starting to feel I’d lost my touch in the draw bag… but then I finally drew end peg 1 on Lambsdown at Meadowlands! I’d never got within 15 pegs of it until yesterday on Ian Bailey’s GOSH Mega Money Charity Match. It’s a screaming flyer, so the pressure was on to catch a few!

As ever, I set the lot up, four rods, clipped up two spots across and cleared two lovely margins, but ended up just fishing my Matrix MTX4 pole between 14 and 16 metres all day. Best rig was a 0.3g custom dibber with my favourite green 16-18 Slik. I got through one bag of fishery pellets and caught on banded pellet or Sonubaits Washed Out Bandum Wafters.

I’d lost the plot after filling the first two carp nets (gotta buy a couple more clickers, I think!) so wasn’t sure what I’d got, but my six nets totalled a whopping 363lb for the match win and a very nice £800 envelope.

Well done to Jon Newton who was 2nd with 254lb on the opposite bank and Mick Bull who was 3rd next peg to me with 208lb.

A big thanks to Ian Bailey for running it, the fabulous Meadowlands Fishery and all the other anglers who helped to raise over £1,400 for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity. Finally, I must also thank Brandon George for the nice pics and he’s also filmed the event, so watch out for that.

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