An ‘Instant Win’ Weekend

Not a bad weekend chasing F1s! Yesterday was Round 7 of the Tunnel Barn teams of four and we were all a bit surprised to see no ice in the morning. Especially after faffing about making yet another ice breaker!

I was handed peg 13 on House Pool by captain Jack and had a lovely day catching 50lb for 2nd on the lake and 8th overall. Lots of bites from mostly small F1s up to 1lb, plus a lovely ‘instant win’ goldfish second put in! Wielded my trusty MTX4 pole at 16m and 18m all day for that and caught mostly on maggot after a few early stockies on bread.

Had to put the blinkers on, though, as Des Shipp on peg 8 had 66lb of big F1s on bread to win the lake. Teamwise we had an iffy result and have dropped down to 3rd with three rounds to go. Still hanging in there!

Today I fished the open at Packington. With 19 of us tightly pegged on Little Gearys it was always going to be a low-weight day and was happy to pull out peg 10, which is always a good area. With an angler immediately either side I expected it to be a rod-and-line day, but I actually only caught on the pole. My 20lb 14oz was enough for 2nd overall. Half a dozen or so decent F1s, five baby F1s and a few pounds of little skimmers, mostly at 16m. Pellets early, then maggots over a bit of Sonubaits Crushed Expander and F1 Dark. Never had a fish on the bomb, but chucked it out after weighing in and had one first cast. Doh!

Well done Steve Pearce on the win with 30lb from peg 9. Always going to be hard to beat with an empty peg to his right, but he still fished a really good match. Lee Davis was 3rd with 19lb from peg 28 and Jon Newton was 4th with 18lb from peg 7, so low weights but a close frame.

I cannot remember the last time we had two flat-calm days on the bounce, so it’s been lovely being able to fish long and still see every little tremble on the float. A few bites, no wind, no rain, no ice, two pick ups and a goldfish. Lovely!

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