Club Dud

Fish’O’Mania Qualifier – Tunnel Barn Farm

The biggest creature to go near my keepnets this weekend!

Well that’s the hardest I’ve ever seen Club Pool fish at Tunnel for the Fisho today… unless you were Adam Richards on end peg 24 who won the match with 50 carp for 164lb. He caught pinging pellets 3/4 across on two lines. Great performance.

Fancied my peg til I saw the wind blowing up the other end. Four of us in a row tipped back and pretty much the same opposite. Took an hour to catch my first F1, and that was foul hooked. Our end seemed devoid of feeding fish til the final hour. Literally couldn’t get a bite most of the day, not even on maggots. Coincidentally, my best spell was 3/4 across on banded pellet in the deeper water, where I snared a few carp, plus a few late big F1s on caster down the edge, fishing away from the bank. There was actually fish in front of everyone showing most the day, but no one could catch them! I gather the prevailing wind was blowing the other end all week, and boy it was a cold un!

Certainly can’t blame the pegging today as it looked pretty good on our pool. Should’ve packed my thermals. Probably should’ve just fished pellets. Probably should’ve packed up early. Not fishing much at the mo and pretty useless when I am! #poolsfodder

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