Pole & Feeder With Keith & Andy

Wind, rain, pole, feeder, pellets, maggots and lots of F1s! I think that sums up the past two really enjoyable days I’ve just had at Tunnel Barn Farm with Keith and Andy!

We’ve had two really contrasting sessions on the venue. Day one we’ve been on a windswept New Pool and after a slow start on pellets the pair have ended up catching very well on maggots. Targeting the deepest water was definitely best on the day as the cold wind had clearly pushed the fish down, but they also caught well down the margins in 3ft of water.

The second day we headed for House Pool and concentrated on feeder fishing to begin with and then some short pole and margin fishing with pellets. Thankfully just a light breeze off their backs, but a fair bit of rain instead!

The feeder proved really good and Keith in particular put a good string of fish together. Andy also caught on the feeder, but his best swim was down his right-hand margin with pellets. The short pole also came alive for Keith in the last hour with pellets. A few tweaks to rigs and feeding saw them both have a brilliant end to the session. The rain also stopped, too!

It was nice to spend a couple of days at the venue fishing a variety of tactics. Keith and Andy did brilliantly and I must say a big thanks to Tunnel Barn Farm for looking after us.

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