Up & Down Weather, Up & Down F1s!

Yesterday I had a really interesting session at Tunnel Barn Farm with Mike, targeting quality F1s on Extension Pool. It was yet another cold and frosty start, so the fishing was understandably slow to begin with. However, sport got much better as the lake warmed up.

We caught especially well down the margins and on the short pole, but I had a sneaky feeling the fish were coming up in the water. The last hour was unbelievable as Mike had a good run of big F1s shallow… yes, in February!

Mike ended up with a lovely net of fish and I would love to say Spring is just around the corner… but as I write this it’s actually snowing outside!

I’ve never known such an erratic winter! I’ve got two more days coaching at Tunnel Barn this week and if the weather forecast is correct I’m doubtful the fish will come shallow again, but we’ll be ready for it if they do. Thanks as ever to Tunnel Barn Farm for having us.

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