UK Champs Top-3 Finish!

After a brilliant four-match series I’ve ended up 3rd overall in the UK Champs!

The last round was yesterday at Barston Lakes and I had a decent day, catching 125lb of mostly carp off peg 61 on the cables for a section win. I had over 50lb on the feeder and the rest down the edge. It was a bit of a tug of war and lost a few creatures, but thankfully did enough. I thought I’d got about 80-90lb, so they’ve been a lot chunkier than I realised. Oh, and the weather forecast said no rain… so of course it bucketed down!

Really happy to come 3rd overall and get a nice £1,000 cheque. I actually tied on points with Alex Docherty but 6kg less weight, so it was rather close! A big well done to him for runner up and Steven Forster for being crowned the 2022 UK Champion.

I nearly forgot to mention David Wood who was runaway winner on the day, making no mistakes off boss end peg 124 with over 280lb. I must also say a massive thanks to Andy Kinder and his team for running the event under difficult circumstances.

After I had to miss last year’s event it’s nice to return and get a top-three finish in a competition that’s always meant a lot to me. I was just one point away from making it four UK Champion titles, so just need a fraction more luck next year!

My Results:
  • Round 1 – Hallcroft Fishery – 57.153kg (126lb) section 2nd
  • Round 2 – The Glebe – 79.18kg (174lb) section 2nd
  • Round 3 – Rookery Waters – 101.463kg (223lb) section 1st
  • Round 4 – Barston Lakes – 56.699kg (125lb) section 1st

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