Three Films For The Weekend!

Good afternoon all you happy smiling people! Today I’ve popped THREE films up on my YouTube Channels for your viewing pleasure. First up is a bagging session in the heart of Bristol. Thoroughly enjoyed putting that one together! I’ve also popped a nice little 9-minute ‘Blank Saver’ challenge on my new Lure Fishing Fun channel. Finally, I’ve also uploaded an exclusive Live Match to my Channel Members section.

I have well and truly burnt the candle at both ends trying to get them all up in time for the weekend, before I go away. Far more hours than it should have taken. That probably explains why I’m in agony at the moment with a neck and shoulder spasm. Not ideal!

So there’s nearly TWO HOURS of viewing pleasure for those that want it.

Incidentally, I’ve had two nasty messages sent me recently wondering why I have a Channel Members area, which is really upsetting. I am self employed and pretty sure they’d be shocked if they knew what I actually earned via a very humble career in angling. It certainly doesn’t equal the time and effort I put in and give back, but I’m passionate and committed to what I do and it still enables me to be with my family. These films are on top of all the FREE content I already do. Without Channel Members none of those films would exist, so they have actually lost nothing. Sadly, some people expect everything in life to be handed out to them…

It’s extremely hard being a one-man band. It’s just little old me running the ship (canoe more like), filming, editing, doing all the admin and still somehow finding time to answer countless questions each and every week. I love it and I’m proud to have a career doing something I enjoy, giving so much back, but it only takes one hater in a thousand to question why I bother.

Thankfully these individuals are a very small minority, as I’m constantly overwhelmed by the positivity and kindness of people who support my channels and my angling in general. In fact, my latest Bristol Bagging film is a perfect example. Out of the blue, a member invited me to one of his friendly matches and this film is the result. Amazing individuals like that are what it’s all about. It’s taken several days to put together, so I hope that shines through in the film. You can never please everyone, but it’s the positive 99% that really keep me going. Thanks for your support and understanding.

Hope you enjoy my latest three films and, most of all, stay positive, happy and smiling! 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Bob Morris says:

    Hi Jon. I’m a 78 year old Club match angler, proud to say I’ve been Club Champion for the last 3 years. Plus I won this year’s Chris McNally memorial match. Trophy presented by his lovely wife & family. Chris was our Club Secretary and I / we all miss him. Our Club Horwich RMI, Angling Club in Bolton Lance has been struggling with low membership this year, but 6 new anglers have signed up for 2023 so we should be back up to full Membership next year Jon. My style of fishing is for rod, & line method feeder. & paste fishing short & Margins. It’s my paste fishing that’s won me the Club Championship for the last three years. Last year I noticed a change in how the paste fish were feeding, so I started to watch a number of Paste fishing videos. Yours were the ones that stood out for me. So I started to watch as many Jon Arthur videos as I could. The way you put your videos together and your humble style is just amazing Jon. You have helped me in a number of ways to improve & to manage the pegs I draw better thank you pal. I’m now a member of your video club. ?. Keep making new Vids Jon. Wishing you & your lovely family a very Merry Chistmas & a great New Year. Bob Morris ??

    • Jon says:

      Thanks so much Bob! Really pleased my humble vids have helped your fishing and it’s great to hear you have been bagging up on such a great tactic like paste. Very well done on the memorial match as well, sounds like you deserved it. Have a fabulous Christmas and a (much warmer) New Year!