A Good & Bad Friday

Fished my first match for ages yesterday as covid had finally caught me. Thought I was immune til then! Anyways I’m all clear now but my lungs have taken a hammering. It was the Good Friday match at Tunnel Barn with 49 anglers booked on. Perfect venue I thought as simple fishing, parking behind most pegs and shouldn’t need to fish too far out.

Gutted to draw peg 2 on Extension as there’s a big hill behind it which I had to carry my gear up! Several journeys later I was well and truly knackered and must thank Jacko for helping to carry my box. Despite feeling good for a few days I was surprised and disappointed to cough and wheeze all the way through, much to everyone’s amusement!

Realised I’m definitely nowhere near fit but still managed 118lb for a section win, mostly on maggots shallow and down the edges. Sounds daft to say I felt so rough yet still caught a ton! 127lb won the lake, which was definitely possible if I was half right, but I was just happy to be back on the bank.

I had lots of bites but mostly stockies. Also had a lot of slimy green weed down the sides that played havoc with my rigs. As expected, big framing weights came off House and Jennys with over 200lb winning from House 33. I think 114lb won New Pool and 180lb won Jennys. Great fishing.

Today I was supposed to be on a qualifier, but very sadly cancelled as I’m clearly not fit enough to do two days on the bounce yet. Rest day today. I’m still hopeful of doing some feeder fishing tomorrow, fingers crossed, which hopefully won’t be so exhausting. Can’t believe how much it took out of me yesterday, which has got me down, but I know I just have to take it a day at a time. I know a lot of people have been much much worse than me, so I’m just happy to be alive and fishing.

I hope you all have a great Easter! Just found this choccy egg in the cupboard. Hope it’s for me!

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