Fish Plates

  • fish-plate-rudd
    Rudd – © Jon Arthur
  • fish-plate-ruffe
    Ruffe – © Jon Arthur
  • fish-plate-tench
    Tench – © Jon Arthur
  • fish-plate-barbel
    Barbel – © Jon Arthur
  • fish-plate-bleak
    Bleak – © Jon Arthur
  • fish-plate-bream
    Bream – © Jon Arthur
  • fish-plate-carp
    Carp – © Jon Arthur
  • fish-plate-perch
    Perch – © Jon Arthur
  • fish-plate-pike
    Pike – © Jon Arthur
  • fish-plate-roach
    Roach – © Jon Arthur

While trawling through my archives for an image of a pike, I stumbled across an old series of illustrations I did that really took me back. I still cannot remember exactly why I drew all these fishes, but they date way back to 2001! I imagine 15 years ago I probably used Photoshop 4, or maybe even something more archaic, to draw them. And they would’ve definitely been drawn directly on screen with a mouse, not a pen and graphics tablet. They’ve aged reasonably well I think. Hope you like ’em!

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